sabato 24 maggio 2008

Never's not such a long time: lo dice uno bravo...

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"I'll never buy from you again."
"I'll never vote for that candidate if my candidate loses."
"I'll never invest in that stock."

Never seems like a really long time, doesn't it? Practically forever.

Here's the thing. People who say 'never' actually mean, "until my situation or the story changes materially." Making bad decisions in the now to honor absolute statements in the past isn't particularly sustainable. Consumers, short-sighted as they are sometimes, are able to realize this pretty quickly.

In fact, the only thing shorter than 'never' is 'always.'

Vabbè, citare quelli grandi e famosi è facile. Ma ricordarsi che nel lavoro (e non solo...) vale la pena di mettere in discussione tutto o parte di quello che si è fatto, è un buon motivo per scrivere questo post.


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